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Payroll Giving

Making a regular donation directly through your employer’s payroll giving scheme is an easy tax-effective way to support our work.
The donation you make is tax-free to you, meaning that your money goes further.

How does the tax relief work?

The amount you choose to give will come out of your salary (or pension) before it is taxed, meaning your overall income tax liability is reduced.

If you would like Sage Gateshead to receive a monthly donation of £10, simply set up a deduction of £10 from your salary, and you pay no tax on this amount. 

If you are a basic rate tax payer (20%), the actual cost of making a £10.00 donation each month will be £8.00. If you are a higher rate tax payer (40%), the actual cost to you will be £6.00.

It’s easy to manage 

Payroll giving makes it easy to manage your donation.  Your gift is deducted straight from your salary, so you never have to worry about paying it. You can also amend or stop your donations at any time.

Give as much or as little as you like 

You can choose how much you would like to donate each month; there is no minimum or maximum amount.

Employers are often willing to match your donation

Many companies now match employee donations. Why not find out if yours does and make your donation go even further!

What if the company I work for does not have a payroll giving scheme?

If your company does not have a payroll giving scheme and you would like to make a regular donation to Sage Gateshead, please contact Helen Barthorpe. If you are not ready to make a regular gift, but would like to make a one-off gift instead, you can donate now.

Many thanks for your support.

Large or small, your donation will make a difference.