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DJ Skills Course

This 6 session course delivered by experienced musician Adam Cogdon/DJ ADS is designed to increase or widen your skill base as a musician and DJ. Over the course you will learn a well-rounded set of skills over a consistent set of stages and elements will be tailored to suit your individual needs as you progress throughout your learning.

Session 1
  • Meet your tutor and discuss your needs, interests and current skill level
  • Overview and introduction to all of the equipment
  • Demonstration of mixing techniques
  • Practicing simple beat matching mixing
  • The importance of understanding track structure, beats/bars and phrasing
  • Manual beat matching
Session 2
  • Digital DJing: transfer your skills to laptop/controller decks
  • Choosing the right tracks for your sets (in key mixing)
  • Essential use of EQing and fader technique
  • Practice & mixing time
Session 3
  • Beyond Beatmatching: advanced transition techniques – creative tricks and methods of getting from track to another
  • Basic Scratching & Exploring advanced features on the equipment
  • Introduction to using effects, hot cues and loops
Session 4
  • Essential DJ software tools, basic production
  • Your DJ career: equipment, different gigs and venues, how to be professional
  • Hands-on practice time
Session 5
  • Choose tracks to perform and record a live mix, using all the skills learned, with constructive critique from your tutor
  • Additional time to sharpen all the skills learnt so far
  • Presentation of completion certificate
Bonus Session
  • A free 2 hour practice session available to book anytime after your course

Each session is 3 hours and times can be flexible to suit you.
We currently have availability on Mondays 3pm – 6pm, Thursdays 6pm – 9pm and Wednesdays 10am – 4pm.

For more information about prices, or to book a course please contact
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