BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking Festival: "Speed Dating" with the New Generation Thinkers hosted by Ian McMillan

Sage Gateshead Concourse

10 × 60 second ideas. You decide which the best is.

Come and participate in a series of discussions with our inspirational academics. Join poet and Radio 3 presenter Ian McMillan with his stopwatch. Move around the room and then vote for the most convincing suggestion from the 2017 New Generation Thinkers.

Part of BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking Festival 2018

Part of BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking Festival 2018

Welcome to the Free Thinking Festival from BBC Radio 3. All weekend here at Sage Gateshead we’re gathering together a throng of talented individuals to wrestle, debate and celebrate the theme of this year’s festival: The One and the Many. Whether it’s the impact of social media,...

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