Anda Union

Sage Two

The brilliant 9-piece band Anda Union from Inner Mongolia first toured the UK in 2013 and stole the show everywhere. The band members all grew up in families ‘with the music’, several of whom still live in the traditional Mongolian way, and came together at music college in Hohhot, their capital city.

There they were able to integrate traditional forms – like the now-famous throat singing – into creating a sound uniquely and mysteriously Mongolian but with a strong appeal to a western sensibility.

“Anda Union are brilliant, I rate their gig at Lakeside as one of my highlights over the years, it was amazing. We’d love to have them back” Nottingham Lakeside Arts Centre

“The feedback for Anda Union has been truly wonderful. We would be delighted to welcome them back to the hall again.” Bristol St George’s. | Facebook | YouTube

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