Arun Ghosh plus Steve Ojay

Sage Two

Arun Ghosh returns to Sage Gateshead to perform music from newly released fourth album, But Where Are You Really From?

Best known for his IndoJazz style, the clarinettist’s new ensemble sound, immersed in pure melody and hypnotic rhythm, embraces psychedelic textures with an emotional and sonic expansiveness.

The new works are songs without words, at times visceral and cathartic, at other times ambient and introspective. Part of a national tour, this is a must-see performance.

Arun Ghosh – clarinet
Idris Rahman – tenor saxophone
Chris Williams – alto saxophone
Shirley Tetteh – electric guitar
Liran Donin – bass
Dave Walsh – drums

Part of Jazz at Sage Gateshead

Sage Gateshead brings you some of the finest jazz acts around.

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