BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking Festival 2017: The Listening Service

Radio 3’s Pop Up Studio in Sage Gateshead

Sage Gateshead Concourse

The Listening Service is Radio 3’s innovative new programme aimed at bringing fresh audiences to classical music. Each week, Tom Service introduces a different way of listening to and imagining a musical idea. How do composers begin a piece of music? Why is repetition so important in all kinds of music, from pop to classical? When does noise become music?

In this edition recorded in the foyer of Sage Gateshead, Tom goes on a journey into musical time and space. Find out what connects Wagner and minimalism, Anna Meredith and rollercoasters, speed metal and slow movements – and how you can transform the fastest music in the world into the slowest, right in front of your ears…

Online there’s a podcast, quirky animations, shareable clips on social media and a linked playlist.

Listeners say

“Challenging, provocative, sometimes infuriating, and always interesting. Perfect radio. ”

“A huge surprise, finding this blending of philosophy, music, contemporary issues and simple and accessible language.”

Presenter of Radio 3’s Music Matters since 2003, Tom Service studied music at the University of York. He writes for newspapers and magazines including The Guardian and launched Radio 3’s programme The Listening Service last year.

Part of BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking Festival 2017

Part of What's On in March and April

Gateshead International Jazz Festival, BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking Festival and Folkworks Pass It On Festival take place on the south bank of the Tyne this Spring alongside Sage Gateshead’s usual programme of eclectic and high quality artists.

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