Gateshead International Jazz Festival 2014

Bill Frisell Trio - Beautiful Dreamers

plus Pablo Held Trio

Sage Two

Bill Frisell: Guitar
Eyvind Kang: Viola
Rudy Royston: Drums

In a career spanning more than 25 years and over 200 recordings, including 25 albums of his own, guitarist, composer, and bandleader Bill Frisell is now firmly established as a visionary presence in American music. He has collaborated with a wide range of artists, filmmakers and legendary musicians. But it is his work as a leader that has garnered increasing attention and accolades.

“_It’s hard to find a more fruitful meditation on American music than in the compositions of guitarist Bill Frisell. Mixing rock and country with jazz and blues, he’s found what connects them: improvisation and a sense of play. Unlike other pastichists, who tend to duck passion, Mr. Frisell plays up the pleasure in the music and also takes on another often-avoided subject, tenderness._” The New York Times

Frisell’s recent album, ‘Beautiful Dreamers’, features Eyvind Kang (viola) and Rudy Royston (drums).

“_This record doesn’t really sound much like jazz as much as compelling, emotionally resonant, genre-free music. Sure, it swings in places, and there’s some fiery improvisation. But after decades of trodding such a brave and singular path, maybe Frisell deserves his own genre. How about ‘friz’?_” Financial Times

Eyvind Kang is one of the most adventurous and peripatetic musicians of his generation. He has released 7 highly unusual CDs of his compositions, as well as performed or recorded with an astonishingly diverse range of artists, including the likes of Bill Frisell, Blonde Redhead, Yungchen Lhamo, Laura Veirs, Alvarius B, Secret Chiefs 3, Laurie Anderson, and many others.

Rudy Royston studied classical percussion at the University of Denver. While in college, Rudy began playing with trumpeter Ron Miles, whom Rudy deems his greatest teacher and music mentor. It was on Ron Miles’ recording ‘Woman’s Day’ that Rudy first played with Bill Frisell. In 2006, he moved to New Jersey and he quickly integrated into the New York music scene, performing with Javon Jackson, Les McCann, JD Allen, Sean Jones, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Jennifer Holiday, Ralph Bowen, Bruce Barth, Don Byron, Jason Moran, and Jenny Scheinmenn, to name a few. A lover of all genres of music, Rudy continues to expand his horizons as he gains increasing recognition in the world of Jazz. | Facebook | Twitter

Pablo Held Trio

When it comes to counting the Pablo Held Trio’s qualities, critics do not cut down on superlatives. There is talk of “the shooting star among young jazz pianists”, of “an ideal combination of improvisational imagination and musical economy” and of “one of the most exciting young groups of German jazz”. With good reason, for pianist Pablo Held, bassist Robert Landfermann and drummer Jonas Burgwinkel are more than a just a trio. They form one of the few symbiotic units in the piano trio’s more recent history. The trinity’s intentions flow together in one common stream, the course and density of which time and again is full of surprises.

“Held’s original works defy easy description. He doesn’t write short, snappy heads and songs that are built on predictable harmonic movement, featuring chorus after chorus of solos. His music is freely executed but somehow tethered to an accessible form, function and sound. This is music that remains focused but is, nonetheless, completely unpredictable.” All About Jazz | Facebook

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