Blazin' Fiddles

Sage Two

Take some of the hottest contemporary fiddle players from the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and you’ve got the award-winning Blazin’ Fiddles on your hands. Like rare single malts, each member of Blazin’ Fiddles draws the distinct flavour of music from their part of the highlands and islands.

From solo to ensemble sets, they all come together in a fiery blend that raises the roof. During the concert, the audience will have the opportunity to hear pieces featuring the regional styles of each fiddler followed by all hands jumping in for a wonderful explosion of music. Fiddlers Jenna Reid, Bruce Macgregor, Allan Henderson and Iain Macfarlane are joined by Anna Massie on guitar/fiddle and Ingrid Henderson on keyboard.

The Album ‘Magnificent Seven’ picked up the Best Album Award at the Scots Trad Awards 2005 and the band released their fourth album, ‘Blazin’ Fiddles Live’, in lead up to their 10th year anniversary in 2008.

Blazin’ Fiddles have appeared at The Cambridge Folk Festival, The Sidmouth International Music Festival, Lorient, Tønder Festival, the Falun Festival and Scotland’s premier event Celtic Connections.

“The Led Zeppelin of the folk world” The Scotsman

“A Blazin’ Fiddles gig is an informal party complete with chaos, fun and natural enthusiasm” Glasgow Fiddle Magazine

Update: Blazin’ Fiddles long time keyboard player Andy Thorburn bowed out of the band with a final emotional show at Celtic Connections in January. After a long search for a suitable replacement for the April/May tour we have finally found a fantastic replacement very close to home (Iain’s partner, Allan’s sister) in the form of BBC Radio 2 Young Tradition Award winner Ingrid Henderson.

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