Crossings Band

Sage Gateshead Concourse

Part of Great Exhibition of the North

Born out of a community music charity working with asylum seekers and refugees, The Crossings Band is a unique collective of musicians and songwriters. Our band members arrived in Newcastle from many parts of the world. We play music inspired by African, Middle Eastern, and Balkan grooves and many songs were written people from all over the world in the community music sessions. The band can perform with between 6 and 14 members and has a wide repertoire of songs for longer events.

This performance is part of Refugee Week.

Part of Great Exhibition of the North

The Great Exhibition of the North 2018 is a summer of amazing exhibits, inspired technology, vibrant street performance, cutting edge culture and magical experiences. Get out and explore! 22 June – 9 September Find out more about the Great Exhibition of the North.

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