Gateshead International Jazz Festival 2013

Saxophone Massive with Andy Sheppard (Performance)

Sage Gateshead Concourse

Over 50 saxophonists will come together with Andy Sheppard to perform Andy’s original composition ‘Saxophone Massive’.

The performance is taking place for the first time in the North East at Gateshead International Jazz Festival.

If you’d like to join in with this performance, you need to be able to attend the workshops on the 3rd & 24th February, 24th March and 7th April. Find out more.

Please note the time of the event has changed from 3.30pm to 6.30pm.

Watch a host of nearly 200 saxophonists perform on the Europe stage as part of the BT River of Music event.

For my part I really enjoyed the day. To be closeted away for 3 hours simply focusing on music with like minded people was very therapeutic for me. I was more nervous than I expected. But nobody was laughing. I wasn’t forced to play it by myself in front of everyone to expose my weaknesses or to make me feel useless. We were all in the same boat.. Little pockets of folks in pleasant discussion, generally about saxophones as you would expect, sprang up around the place. The venue is world class. The acoustics are world class. The spectrum of players runs from absolute beginner to truly excellent. I was confident I fitted somewhere along that spectrum…very much closer to the former….

Strangely, having had that baptism of fire, my playing at home has improved considerably. Maybe confidence. Maybe just playing with better players helps you to improve. Whatever the cause a really big “thank you” from me for it so far. At this rate I think I may be able to remove the “absolute” from “beginner” by the 7th April. A small key change for man, a whole octave for mankind…
Dave Elliott, Participant Saxophone Massive

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