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Twenty five years after releasing his last record, Grammy Award-winning Duane Eddy has returned to reclaim what is rightfully his.

With singles like ‘Forty Miles Of Bad Road’, ‘Shazam’, ‘Some Kind-A Earth Quake’, ‘Yep!’, ‘Cannonball’ and ‘Ramrod’ Duane Eddy kept rock ’n’ roll’s unruly spirit alive in the late 50s and early 60s. An uproarious cover of Henry Mancini’s Peter Gunn theme in ’59 provided Eddy with one of his most lasting tunes, with the track being resurrected in 1986 when he re-recorded it with the Art Of Noise and scored a hit with it for a second time.

Duane’s playing was not confined to rambunctious floor-fillers. While his first three albums ‘Have Twangy Guitar Will Travel’, ‘Especially For You’ and ‘The Twang’s The Thang’ collected his increasing number of hits, his fourth album, 1960’s ‘Songs Of Our Heritage’, offered something entirely different. For a start it was an acoustic affair. Secondly, it saw the man delve back into American music and cover classic tunes like ‘John Henry’, ‘The Streets Of Laredo’ and ‘On Top Of Ol’ Smokey’. Moreover, it showcased Eddy’s dexterity in a different kind of way. So too did the lush orchestration of 1960’s ‘Because They’re Young’ – a track which accompanied the movie of the same name and in which Duane also starred. As his biggest hit (Number Four in the US, Number Two in the UK), it also saw Eddy depose Elvis Presley in NME’s end of year reader’s poll when Duane was voted The World’s Number One Musical Personality.

Produced by Richard Hawley and Colin Elliot, Duane’s new album ‘Road Trip’ showcases everything that is unique about his guitar playing. When it rocks, it rocks hard but above all it is an album that is defined by the man’s elegant playing and the space within its sound.

“Richard (Hawley) really wanted me to make a record that covered all the different moments from my career so that’s what we did. So there are things that are rocking with a wailing sax, and there are some pretty things too. There are echoes of the past, but it sounds new.”
Duane Eddy

“Duane’s sound as a guitar player is unbelievably unique. If you hear one note played by him you know that that’s Duane. His sound is so low and deep. And there’s an elegance and sophistication to what he does that is really very special.”
Richard Hawley

Eddy’s elegance and sophistication animate Road Trip. But the album is more than a restoration; it is a journey of a lifetime, and one of which its creator is justifiably proud.

New album ‘Road Trip’ out now / www.duane-eddy.com

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