Electronic Voice Phenomena

Sage Two

A night of sonic innovation inspired by Konstantin Raudive ‘s 1970’s experiments into hearing unidentified voices in electronic interference. Part séance, part avant-garde cabaret, EVP features exclusive new commissions and collaborations from artist and performer Hetain Patel, poets Ross Sutherland, Hannah Silva and SJ Fowler, indie experimenters Outfit, and others. Follow the EVP twitter feed here.

Liverpool band Outfit introduce this evening of distorted poetry, spectral noise and psychedelic glitch with a specially produced soundtrack.

With his unique and wickedly funny brand of spoken word performance, Ross Sutherland mines The Crystal Maze for feedback loops and moments of Jungian synchronicity.

Hannah Silva

Hannah Silva ‘s cut-up vocals delve into politics and the occult, channelling ghostly utterances from the past.

SJ Fowler

Restlessly experimental writer SJ Fowler introduces Electric Dada, a eulogy for the lost art of mocking the shrill, shrieking ghoul of war and commerce. In song, video & poetry, SJ Fowler performs a dead dodo dada language as an attempt at resurrecting a happy ghost.

Hetain Patel

Special guest artist Hetain Patel – whose groundbreaking work spans visual arts, film, performance and dance – will explore simulation and mimicry by transforming himself into a medium, a channel for the ghost voices of pop culture.

Produced by Mercy & Penned in the Margins.

Supported and presented by GemArts.

www.electronicvoicephenomena.net | Twitter

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