Folkworks: Eliza Carthy's Generations

Plus pre-show talk hosted by Eliza and music on the concourse around the concert

Sage Two

Värttinä – Mauro Durante – Iva Bittova – Martha Mavroidi – Eliza Carthy – The Wayward Band

With Preconcert talk at 7pm; Pre-Concert Music with Morag Brown & Lewis Powell-Reid on Sage Two Bar at 7.30pm; Newcastle Kingsmen Clog on the Concourse 10.15pm; French Bal with Morag Brown & Lewis Powell-Reid on the Concourse 10.30pm

Eliza Carthy’s Generations, The European Project is an ambitious documentary / album / anthropological event, involving six of the most celebrated musicians from across Europe, all with one thing in common: like Eliza, they all come from traditional music families. Hear Eliza talking about the project here:

The unique idea behind this project is to discover what makes these family musicians tick, whether as musicians they have continued pursuing traditional music or whether than have ‘branched out’ into other genres, whether their musical communities in their own countries are pre-existing or self-made, how those countries view what they do.

Eliza will be travelling to six countries: Finland, Greece, the Czech Republic, Orkney, Austria and Italy, to meet these people, interview them and make music together with them for an album which will be released in the Summer of 2017.

This concert in Sage Two launches the project and will be the first time most of the musicians will have met, to perform music some of which is already written and some of which will be created especially for the night.

The evening will feature, with members of The Wayward Band as house musicians, the three singers and celebrated Lord of the Rings composers Varttina Trio Mari Kaasinen, Susan Aho, Karoliina Kantelinen composer, violinist and percussionist Mauro Durante from world music success story and festival headliner Canzionere Grecanico Salentino; the stunning singer/songwriter and Greek lutist Martha Mavroidi, and the Czech avant-garde violinist and singer who so charmed audiences at Fiddles on Fire last year, Iva Bittova.

The will be a pre-show talk hosted by Eliza and music on the concourse around the concert. If ever there was a time to have a creative discussion on the similarities between the great musical dynasties of Europe, this is surely it. | Facebook | Twitter

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