Evolution Emerging Conference

Sage Gateshead

Major music conference comes to the North East.

This FREE music industry conference will take place on Wednesday 6 June, just days before Evolution Emerging Festival.

Featuring over 25 industry guests and internationally acclaimed speakers, covering contemporary topics and opportunities that exist in the industry this year.

This is a must attend event for musicians and those working, or wanting to work in the business.


9.30am: Registration on the Concourse
10.30am: Start in Sage Two
1pm – 2pm: Lunch on Sage Two bar
3.30pm: Afternoon break
5.30pm: Conference close

Panel topics include:

The State of Labels in 2018 – Ian Moss, David Manders, Amy Jayne
Are record labels still relevant in 2018? With more and more artists favouring the independent route, setting up their own record labels and means to release, we look at the relevance of majors, indie’s and imprints in the current state of the industry. Is going it alone more favourable? How has the role of the label changed? Is there still a need for big indie’s or the major? Are they effective? We dive in to the discussion.

Synchronisation: Music On The Big Screen – Patrick Cloherty, Connie Farr, Pete Kelly
As it becomes easier than ever to release independently, yet harder than ever to sustain an income, we look at the unwavering and ever fruitful world of synchronisation; music on the screens. How does synchronisation work? Is the industry dominated by major label artists? How does pitching work? Is the process the same for feature films and online adverts? We discuss all this and more.

Artist Identity: Breaking The Mould – Joe Frankland, Sarah Howells, Paul Gregory
What makes an artist stand-out above their peers? Distinctive song-writing or clever marketing? Catalogue variety or media mogul? In the age of streaming and the digital dollar, we take a look at what it means to break the mould as an artist in 2018; from Gengahr to Ghostpoet, Eska to Ed Sheeran we explore how the modern artist gains traction and curves a route.

A New Wave of Management – Alexander Stables, Hector Barley, Sara Prendegast, Kelly Wood
Behind every great artist is a great artist manager; the essential glue holding every campaign together and the masterminds of every great rise. With an abundance of new artists changing the face of artist ambition in recent year, we discuss the people behind the scenes that keep the engine running.

Mental Health in The Music Industry – Help Musicians UK
With 67% of musicians said having on occasion suffered depression or other psychological problems, and 75% saying they have experienced performance anxiety, we look to continue the discussion and raise awareness of mental health in the music industry.

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