Family Quest: Let the Beat go on!

Sage Gateshead

Suitable for all ages. Children under the age of two go free if one or more full price child's ticket is purchased.

An evil force, aka The Silencer, has Sage Gateshead in its sights. This mysterious entity has turned down the volume, shut up the singing and unplugged the band. Music has left the building…We need your help to beat The Silencer!

Grab a map, solve mysteries and release sounds trapped around Sage Gateshead on a mission that leads to an unforgettable finale!

Enjoy a meet and greet maker session, a quest around hidden spaces and secret passageways, a music making experience, an optional themed picnic and a range of other FREE activities to keep young ones busy this summer.

Created by award-winning theatre company, Unfolding Theatre, visual artist, Bethan Maddocks and co-director, Ruth Johnson. Previous family quests include Frost of Forgetfulness at Woodhorn (Finalist: Museum Event of The Year 2017, The Journal Culture Awards.)

This event includes activities in different spaces around Sage Gateshead. There are accessible routes to all event spaces for wheelchair users and those with buggies.

Your Summer Quest to help us beat The Silencer includes:

  • A meet and greet maker session, where young defenders of sound will create the tools they need to defeat The Silencer.
  • A quest around Sage Gateshead, with the help of our brave Defenders of the Sound, including access to hidden spaces and clandestine corridors.
  • A music making performance experience to mark your victory.
  • An optional themed child’s picnic to celebrate your triumph in bringing music back to Sage Gateshead. (£4.95)
  • A range of other fantastic FREE activities to keep young ones busy.

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 27 July to 26 August. 10.30am, 11.30am, 2.30pm & 3.30pm. Each session lasts approx. 90 minutes.

Relaxed Performance

A relaxed performance is available on Thursday 17 August at 3.30pm. Relaxed Performances’ are specifically designed to welcome people with an Autistic Spectrum Condition, learning disability or sensory and communication disorders into performance spaces to give those who otherwise might feel excluded the chance to experience live music / performances.

They have a less formal, more supportive atmosphere in order to reduce anxiety levels. It is a specialist provision created to provide an opportunity for people who would otherwise find it difficult to attend – for example people who make involuntary noise, or are likely to need to talk a lot, or move around. During a regular performance this can disturb the other audience members, and the show, but at a relaxed performance it’s fine.

Lighting and special effects will be slightly altered – for example removing strobes and flashing lights and reducing very loud noises, however the content of the show will not be specifically changed.

The performance spaces may possibly be quite noisy, with people coming in and out – our customer experience team are there to support and manage this behaviour, rather than stop it. Please call Ticket Office on 0191 443 4661 to book tickets for the relaxed performance.


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