Folkworks Tuesday

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Folkworks Tuesday

(Summer 23rd April – 13th July, half term 11th -17th June)

Discount for annual bookings, booking two sessions and paying by instalments

Choose from the following classes:

First Steps:

7pm – 8.10pm: Fiddle, Flute & Whistle, Accordion, Melodeon, Northumbrian Pipes.

The perfect platform to start from scratch. When we say no experience needed, we mean it. These classes nurture your budding instrumental abilities, beginning your journey on your choice of instruments.

8.15pm – 9.30pm: Basic Band

This group is perfect for people who have little or no experience of playing in a group with other musicians. You’ll play new repertoire as well as learning how bands work and learn together. This band is suitable for people in the first steps classes.

Next Steps

8.15pm – 9.30pm: Northumbrian Pipes, Fiddle, Flute & Whistle, Accordion, Melodeon, Fretted Strings.

Folkworks Tuesday instrumental classes are a great place to improve instrumental technique through repertoire picked specifically to maximise enjoyment and progression.

7pm – 8.10pm: Band with Song

Whether you’re new to your instrument, new to folk, or just fancy a change, this is the band for you. Folk is a huge genre and sometimes you want to dip a toe in and see what happens. Over the year we will look at repertoire from these acts such as Bellowhead, The Unthanks, Show of Hands and Lindsfarne; as well as other material, and provide you with the skills needed to perform some party pieces.

7pm – 8.10pm: Intermediate Band

For people who feel reasonably confident on their instrument and are ready for a step up into a performing band situation. The intermediate bands produce more complex arrangements and study more challenging repertoire than the Basic Band while still being accessible and inclusive.

Up for a Challenge

7pm – 8.10pm: Advanced Band

Fast tunes, emotive and evocative arrangements, and lots of fun. The Advanced Band strives to produce high quality sets. Some learning is done orally and some with notation.

8.15pm – 9.30pm: Advanced Vocal Skills

In this group you really focus on your vocal technique and how this aids and affects your harmony singing. You will study breath control, intonation, posture, range and ornamentation set within traditional folk songs and challenging arrangements for groups.

8.15pm – 9.30pm: Fiddle

Course Prices

Book for the term

Full price per term £66
Concession price per term £38.50

If you would like to attend two sessions i.e. an instrumental group and a band session:

Full price per term £105
Concession price per term £65

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