Folkworks Adult Summer Schools

Directed by Nathan Armstrong

St Aidans College, Durham

Age restrictions apply: 18+

Our Folkworks adult summer school has everything…instrumental technique, repertoire, concerts, ceilidhs, sessions and sing-a-rounds!

“It’s part of my ‘Psyche’ now. Unmissable!” Sheila Trow

We’ve given you more options as to whether you fill your boots with music, take a walk, practice what you’ve already learnt, or play tunes with friends. If you pick a full time table there are 37 hours of music making plus sessions!

“My first time last summer, and I hope it was the first of many. Loved it!” Maria Hayes

We believe that if you’re using well earned annual leave then good friends and good food really help the holiday experience, and our school has both! The Summer School is suitable for most abilities, though not absolute beginner.

“The total rush of Music from 9-30 am till 2.00 each day, as is obvious, I’m an addict.” Michael Burns

Fiddles and accordions both have two tutors; each instrument group will meet together on the first day and decide between them how they would like to work for the week. You pick your main instrument study and then have the opportunity to pick what type on ensemble you’d like to be in and work towards a performance in the Durham Gathering at the weekend.

Each instrument class can be taken as a ½ timetable which has a reduction in fee of £80. Please contact the team to discuss this prior to booking.

Nathan Armstrong
John Somerville
Lauren MacColl
Sarah Jane Summers
Andy May
Sam Partridge
Corrina Hewat
Rob Harbron
Tom Cronin
Laura-Beth Salter
Folkwords TBC

Enrolment for the 2016 Folkworks Summer Schools has officially closed. If you have booked a place you should receive a briefing pack from the email by Friday 29th July. If you have not received your briefing pack by then please contact the above email.

If you haven’t booked a place but really would like to attend late bookings may be taken under special circumstances, please contact the team directly on the email above to discuss options.
We can’t wait to meet everyone! The Folkworks Summer Schools Team.

Part of Folkworks Summer Schools 2016

The Folkworks Summer Schools are internationally renowned for high quality of teaching and fun. Our schools are fun and sociable with lots of sessions, sing-a-rounds, and dances, whilst also providing hours of wonderful tuition in a nurturing and inclusive environment. We have three schools...

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