Get In The Band

Sage Gateshead

“This is Chris Sharkey, musical director of Get In The Band.

You’re one step closer to being part of our massive, mixed, musical, ensemble-extravaganza that will kick off Great Exhibition of the North.


If you want to be in – you’re in! Whatever your background or skill-set there’s a job for you in our band. I’m looking for anyone who loves music and wants to be part of something special in the North East.

Play an instrument in a band or orchestra, or just for yourself? Get In The Band!
Sing in a choir? Get In The Band!
Used to play an instrument? Dust it off and Get In The Band!
Sing in the shower? Get In The Band!
No musical experience at all? Get. In. The. Band!

Here’s what you need to do:

1 BOOK TICKETS here through this webpage or visit Sage Gateshead’s Ticket Office

2 COMPLETE THE FORM BELOW Once you’ve booked your tickets complete the form below

We just need a few details to get going – like if you’ve played before or not. After you sign up we’ll send you updates and some music to check out if you feel like doing some homework.

3 REHEARSE 17 June (10am-6pm) and 21 June (6pm-10pm) at Sage Gateshead

We will slowly and clearly go through the whole piece together and have tons of fun along the way. You can come to the rehearsals with no preparation and walk away an expert.

4 PERFORM 23 June at Great North Museum, Newcastle Central Station and Sage Gateshead

That’s right, 3 public performances. A potential audience of thousands. Performances will take place at Great North Museum (11-11.30am), Newcastle Central Station (approximately 1pm) and Sage Gateshead (3.30-4pm)

Deadline: Sunday 10 June


As Get In The Band will take place outdoors we won’t be able to accommodate any instruments that require mains power. Electric guitarists, bring your acoustic or a ukulele. You could even pick up a little battery powered amp that can clip on your belt – sorted! Keyboard players, bust out those melodicas!”

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