Godspeed You! Black Emperor plus Dead Rat Orchestra (Duo)

Sage One

Godspeed You! Black Emperor return to the UK this autumn showcasing their large-scale, majestic sound. After a decade-long hiatus, GY!BE pick up momentum with their latest record, Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress – their second release in three years. A four-track album which works as one extended piece of music, Asunder…displays a slightly more austere aesthetic than their previous work, but one that is impressively powerful nonetheless.

“If ever there was music that could be the soundtrack to an imaginary movie, it’s this, the sheer scale of it attesting to Godspeed’s audacity” The Guardian

GY!BE emerged in the late 90s as one of the notable post-rock ensembles of that era and have retained a sense of enigma despite huge critical acclaim and cult success. Changing line-ups over their course of the band’s career have not swayed their distinctive brand of music, which still sounds fresh after 21 years. Their November date promises to be an unmissable show, and a chance to catch this influential band as they hit their second wind.

“In 1997, muting the TV news and playing a Godspeed record felt less like an act of adolescent futility, more one of heartfelt naysaying, an aesthetic revolt against the world’s iniquities. In 2015, for good and – much more significantly – for ill, nothing at all has changed.” Uncut

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