Intermediate Guitar

Sage One

General On Sale 9 July Book for the full year and receive a discount
Additional discounts for booking multiple classes(additional class at concession rate
BEGINNER GUITAR – A lot of us have a guitar in the house that we don’t know how to play. This is your opportunity to change that. In this group, you will learn basic chords and strumming techniques using well known repertoire.
INTERMEDIATE GUITAR – For guitar players who can play a few chords and are comfortable with basic strumming and chord changes. This group will develop your skills, technique and musicianship whilst also increasing your repertoire
GUITAR STARS – For players who still want to learn but are looking for a challenge. This exciting group
provides the opportunity to play with others and work on new repertoire meanwhile developing existing skills.

AUTUMN: Mon 24 Sep – Sun 16 Dec
(Half term: Mon 29 Oct – Sun 4 Nov)

SPRING: Mon 7 Jan – Sun 31Mar
(Half term: Mon 18 Feb – Sun 24 Feb)

SUMMER: Mon 15 Apr – Sun 7 July ** Mon class will finish 8 July due to bank holiday**
(Half term: Tue 5 Jun – Sun 10 Jun)
Mon class half term 27 May due to bank holiday