<<Cancelled>> Kayhan Kalhor & Toumani Diabaté

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Unfortunately Toumani Diabate is now unable to perform on this date, therefore this show is cancelled. We will aim to reschedule Kayhan Kalhor for a solo show at a future date. Please contact our ticket office for a full refund. We are sorry for any disappointment caused.

Kayhan Kalhor: Kamancheh
Toumani Diabate: Kora

The Iranian Kamanche virtuoso Kayhan Kalhor is one of the internationally best known exponents of Persian and Kurdish music. He has not only played concerts with the legendary Persian singers Mohammad Reza Shajarian and Shahram Nazeri, but has also become known to international audiences through his collaboration with Yo-Yo Ma, the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and the film-maker Francis Ford Copolla.

Kayhan Kalhor loves to collaborate and encounter musicians from other traditions. Thus he has worked with Indian musicians, performed together with the Azerbaijani singer Alim Qasimov at the Morgenland Festival Osnabrück and has played for many years with the Turkish Baglama virtuoso Erdal Erzincan. Toumani Diabaté will meet Kalhor for the first time in Osnabrück.

Toumani Diabaté comes from an ancient Griot family, who claim to be able to trace their ancestry back 70 generations. Griots are the guardians of history, literature and music in their culture. Diabaté learned to play the Kora from his father Sidiki Diabaté and now often performs with his own son. Today, Toumani Diabaté is recognized as one of the most influential musicians from West Africa and as an excellent player of the Kora, the West African double bridge harp-lute.

Just like Kayhan Kalhor, Diabaté has sought out musicians with other styles. For example, he has worked with the Icelandic singer Björk, the flamenco band Ketama and the American jazz trombonist Roswell Rudd.

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