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Kelly Joe Phelps (CANCELLED)

Northern Rock Foundation Hall

CANCELLED – Ticket Office will be contacting bookers for refund.

We regret that the forthcoming Kelly Joe Phelps show has been cancelled.

From his management: “Kelly Joe has been diagnosed with Ulnar Neuropathy in his right hand and arm leading to numbness and weakness in the hand, and is unable to play his guitar and tour. He is seeking medical help and he will be recuperating this next 3 months in the hope that he can tour again in the future. We apologise for any inconvenience caused but of course our thoughts and feelings are with Kelly Joe and hope he makes a speedy recovery so he can do what he loves doing best”.

Since his debut album ‘Lead Me On’, came out in 1994, the Pacific Northwest based singer and songwriter has written and performed some of the most compelling slide guitar based music ever recorded. Though he spent his early years playing free jazz, he has never strayed too far from the roots music world that has become his passion. Playing a lap slide in a style that both evokes the sounds of the ancients and pointed towards new possibilities for the instrument, Kelly Joe’s music seems to originate in another time as he sings with the voice of an old soul, weary with experience, yet excited with all of the prospects that life brings.

His new album ‘Brother Sinner and the Whale’ has allowed Phelps to redefine who he is as an artist with a solo record that builds on all of his lyrical, compositional and technical strengths to form the best album of his career.

With song titles like ‘Talking to Jehovah’, ‘I’ve been Converted’ and ‘The Holy Spirit Flood’, there’s no escaping that something has grown and changed in Kelly Joe’s world. Phelps’ lyrics fuse poetry from the Book of Jonah and the vintage gospel blues of Mississippi John Hurt with aspects of the early gospel work of Bill and Charlie Monroe thrown in for good measure to create what surely must be the most literary gospel songs recorded since Bob Dylan’s incendiary Christian albums came out three decades ago.

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