Classical Season 2015/16

Late Mix: New Music From The North

Royal Northern Sinfonia

Sage Two

KAIJA SAARIAHO Spins and Spells (7’)
LARSSON String Quartet No.3 (12’)
ERKKI -SVEN TÜÜR Symbiosis (10’)
MAGNUS LINDBERG Clarinet Quintet (18’)

Royal Northern Sinfonia

Whilst the world of Sibelius lies a long way in the past, the quintessentially Scandinavian sound lives on, and here’s the proof! Abrahmsen’s Walden strips away the worldly layers to reveal a bare, natural sound whilst Lindberg’s lyrical quintet is a progression from his avant-garde roots.

Part of the following Musical Journey:
Sibelius and the Musical North

Part of Sibelius and the Musical North

‘The North’ stands out for its undulating terrain and strong folk traditions, no matter where in the world, so it’s no wonder so much idiomatic music pours out from these regions. No composer evokes in his music his surroundings like Sibelius – his quintessentially Finnish...

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Part of Classical Season 2015/16

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