The Late Mix

Post War Paris

Sage One

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Northern Sinfonia

Nocturne No.13 for piano

String Quartet No.6

Tzigane for violin and piano


Danse de la chevre

Sonata for Cello

Sonata for trumpet, trombone and horn

Paris, 1920. Whilst Stravinsky and Debussy were busy changing the course of musical history, a group of Parisian composers were observing as if from a pavement café, imitating what they admired and ridiculing what they didn’t.

They became known as Les Six – their music infused with satire, fashion, curiosity and the newly discovered exoticism of jazz. We sample their stylish sounds here alongside works by the establishment figures they so loved and mocked.

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Part of The Late Mix

If you are looking for something unusual and interesting then look no further than Hall Two at 9pm. Here you’ll find extraordinary works that you won’t hear in regular concerts, experience a modern view of music from the past and learn about composers who changed the course of...

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Part of Classical Season 2012/13

Music Director Thomas Zehetmair is to conduct the symphonies of Brahms and Schumann with Northern Sinfonia, Orchestra of Sage Gateshead. Known for stylistic excellence, meticulous precision and intimate understanding Zehetmair and Northern Sinfonia’s interpretation of these greats will be...

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