North East Guitar Festival 2016

Marisa Anderson & Laura Cannell

Northern Rock Foundation Hall

This very special double bill brings together two solo performers who each find wondrous ways to evoke ghosts through music.

“Her sound has strength in restless variety…Anderson’s playing is heartfelt and utterly American- free from grandstanding and steeped in respect for the old tradition.” WIRE

Itinerant US blues-folk guitarist Marisa Anderson pairs up with singular UK fiddle and recorder composer Laura Cannell, each casting spells through strings, wind, melody and a certain spectral beauty borne of the places and histories they have absorbed on their own personal-musical journeys.

Marisa Anderson’s playing is fluid, emotional, and masterful, featuring compositions and improvisations that re-imagine the landscape of American music. Her deeply original work applies elements of minimalism, electronic music, drone and 20th century classical music to compositions based on blues, jazz, gospel and country music.

“One of the most exciting instrumentalists around.” The Guardian

Based in rural East Anglia, Laura Cannell’s work encompasses both wild animal calls and long forgotten liturgical fragments, which drawn through Laura’s music seem to originate from the same, ahistorical place.

With a background in traditional folk, early and experimental music, she creates a solitary minimalist chamber music, where one player makes all the harmonies.

Part of North East Guitar Festival 2016

North East Guitar Festival returns to Sage Gateshead with a line up of top guitar players in every style, new commissions, international artist debuts, foyer events and the Young Artist Platform. Expect classical, world, rock, roots, Flamenco and more- the guitar is the most accessible and...

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