Adventures Of A Waterboy an Evening with Mike Scott

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The Waterboys’ frontman marks the launch of his memoir ‘Adventure Of A Waterboy’ with an intimate reading from the book followed by a short acoustic set with his colleague, fiddler Steve Wickham.

The Waterboys are best known for classic songs like ‘The Whole Of The Moon’ and ground-breaking albums including ‘This Is The Sea’ and ‘Fisherman’s Blues’. Their most recent work, ‘An Appointment With Mr Yeats’, sees Scott and his compatriots setting the lyrics of Ireland’s master poet to melody against a background of rousing rock ‘n’ roll.

Mike’s devastatingly honest and beautifully crafted memoir describes the adventures of a rock ‘n’ roll seeker in quest of musical frontiers; it is serious, funny, profound, whimsical, revealing and enigmatic. Following his path through teenage punk bands, the success of The Waterboys and subsequent experiences in New York, Scotland’s Findhorn community and beyond, ‘Adventures Of A Waterboy’ doesn’t so much unravel the myths surrounding Scott and The Waterboys; it blows them to smithereens.

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A personal note from Mike about the evening…

“I intended to write a book for a long time, ever since my late 1980s travels in the wild and fabulous west of Ireland. Finally, between the years 2008 and 2011, I did it. The book is serious, funny, mischievous and a whole lot of other things besides. It was published in the UK this summer by a bunch of friendly fellows calling themselves Jawbone Press and is titled Adventures Of A Waterboy. I’ve spent the recent weeks giving public readings from it, and I will be reading at Sage Gateshead on October 10th. The event takes this form: first I read varied passages from the book, with the aim of enchanting you – and making you laugh a bit too – and then, after an hour, I’ll be joined by my colleague Steve Wickham, Waterboys’ fiddler extraordinaire, for a special half-hour set of songs. After that I’ll be on hand to sign copies of the book, which will be on sale all evening. I hope you’ll join us!”

And if you can’t wait, copies of Mike’s book are on sale in our shop priced £14.95!

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