Folkworks Christmas Ceilidh with Monster Ceilidh Band

Northern Rock Foundation Hall

Family Ceilidh Saturday and Sunday at 2pm

‘Young, sassy and innovative’, Monster Ceilidh Band are on a crusade to bring a powerfully modern and un-patronising approach to ceilidh music, dance music, which has its feet in the heritage and tradition of the British Isles.

They combine, explosive and fiery folk with, funky riffs, glitchy Drum ‘n’ Bass beats and live drums and feature the award winning talents of Accordionist Amy Thatcher and Violinist Shona Mooney.

Monster Ceilidh Band’s music embraces the old dance traditions, while translating them into blood-quickening crescendos for a twenty-first century audience.

The band released their fourth album ‘Mutation’ on Haystack Records in the Spring of 2017.

“Young and sassy, innovative and skilful the Monsters effortlessly fuse the traditional with the contemporary.” Liz Holmes, Director Knockengorroch World Ceilidh

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