Naturally 7 plus support Chloe Charles

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Close-harmony style taken to stratospheric new heights

Manchester-born founding brothers Roger and Warren Thomas bring their internationally successful group on tour. Naturally 7 take classic close-harmony style to stratospheric new heights, mixing beatboxing with rap, soul, pop and jazz.

“Jaw-droppingly impressive” The Independent

Building on the heritage of gospel with a style described as ‘vocal play’, the group performs its own original material as well as its inventive arrangements – which incorporate scratching, drum kit, harmonica, brass, electric guitars and bass all produced, naturally, with the human voice.

This is a vocal group in a league of its own, and their fresh use of the voice and astonishingly versatile talent have garnered diverse fans including Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Jay Leno and Brian Eno.

“Their ability to replicate an instrument’s particular timbral quality occasionally required you to pick your chin up off the floor.” The Artsdesk

“This is one of the must-see performances of all time” Brian Eno

“Dazzling” The Guardian | Facebook | Twitter

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