Folkworks: Patrick Street

Gateshead Old Town Hall

Kevin Burke, Andy Irvine, Arty McGlynn and John Carty

“Veterans of Planxty, the Bothy Band, De Dannan and more, Patrick Street represents the distillation of a crucial new strain that emerged in traditional Irish music some twenty-five years ago.” – Tim O’Brien

Kevin Burke, Andy Irvine, Arty McGlynn and John Carty – collectively known as Patrick Street – are known throughout the Irish music world as four of its most brilliant players. On a repertoire steeped in traditional music, the band’s tightly executed arrangements and unparalleled musicianship know no equal. Beginning as a one-time tour of four recognized masters, nearly three decades and eight albums later this “supergroup” has reached legendary status.

“With the relaxed grace of masters, Patrick Street use their breathtaking virtuosity to display this ancient music at its wild and humble best.” The Boston Globe

“An overall joy…Irish traditional music performed with fervor and fidelity.”Irish Echo

“With the possible exception of the Chieftains, there’s no better Celtic music group in the world right now than Patrick Street!” The Washington Post

“Mesmerizing…a must for those who love Irish music.” Billboard

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