Sage Gateshead and TUSK present

Rangda plus Bridget Hayden & Shareholder

Sage Two

Rangda is a trio composed of avant-garde guitarists Sir Richard Bishop (Sun City Girls) and Ben Chasny (Six Organs Of Admittance) and renowned drummer Chris Corsano. Rangda “bridge the gap between the playing of Dick Dale and that of Omar Khorshid” (Chicago Reader) as their new album The Heretic’s Bargain (Drag City) testifies.

After years of recording and touring together, Bishop and Chasny’s guitar playing has mutated via some kind of lateral gene transfer of their musical DNA, and the rhythms ridden by Rangda feel mutually funded (though Corsano’s beat-making is as finelined and rawly inspired as ever). With The Heretic’s Bargain, it’s harder to tell who wrote what, and Rangda (and you) is better off for it. | Facebook

Joining Rangda are two great exponents of the UK alt-rock community, Bridget Hayden and Shareholder. Bridget is well-known as a member of Yorkshire free drone legends Vibracathedral Orchestra and later member of shoegaze droners The Telescopes. She’s also released four solo albums since 2002 showcasing her deliriously imploding noise rock that, to our ears, recalls the sounds of Grouper, Michael “Dead C” Morley’s Gate project and Belgian alt-blues monolith Ignatz. Shareholder are the Edinburgh trio that shares members with Muscletusk, who blew a hole in TUSK Festival 2012 and their gloriously despondent rock wail has been compared to Dead C, Vermonster, Crazy Horse and The Fall in slow motion. Hear their album Jimmy Shan on Bandcamp and Bridget’s great A Siren Blares In A Different Ocean on the KRAAK label.

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