Riverside Ragas: Double Bill: Routes and An Inner Voice

Presented with GemArts

Northern Rock Foundation Hall

This performance is accompanied by a pre-concert talk at 7pm. (Free to ticket holders, Northern Rock Foundation Hall)

ROUTES by Giuliano Modarelli

The versatile guitarist, Giuliano Modarelli uses the notion of the drone to incorporate sounds of dub and spiritual jazz to Indian Classical music, without changing the repertoire but manipulating sounds to create a new timbre to the music. As a guitarist, playing classical music on a non-traditional instrument has shaped his ideas on the sounds that can influence a style of music.

Keeping the melodic material intact, Giuliano focuses on sounds, production and grooves to give new life to his music. The form though recognisable from traditional concepts of Alap, Jore, Ghat and Jhala will produce new sounds not usually associated and the development of the composition will be based around improvisations or ‘Sawaal Jawaab’.

Combining electronic sounds with South Asian Classical music has been experimented with before but usually from the perspective of electronic producers and song writers where the composition and rhythm are at the core of the pieces. To create a live score that organically develops with the unfolding of the raga and using such technology introduces a new approach to Hindustani Classical music.

Giuliano Modarelli is a versatile artist on the Guitar and one of the first people in the UK to experiment with South Asian Classical music on this instrument. His unique approach to music allows him to create a new sound to the music that has never been heard before. His commission brings together his experiences with other genres to create a new pathway of sound for Hindustani Classical music.

Commissioned by zerOclassikal in association with GemArts.

AN INNER VOICE by Kobini Ananth and Yarlinie Thanabalasingham

Two young, talented and upcoming artists come together to create an innovative piece experimenting with a notion rarely used within Carnatic music – harmonies. Pulling away from improvisation and turning their attention to composition, An Inner Voice presents the various characteristics of harmonies and how they can be adapted to fit within the Raga structure. This has rarely been explored before due to the music’s complex rhythmic nature and strict composition structure and therefore this new and innovative piece is unique and radical in its approach.

Carnatic music is predominantly taught and performed as solo music and where there are duets, it is synchronised in composition and the only divergent is in improvisation. Here, these two talented artists appreciate their different identities and ideas within the music to create a whole new composition that reflects their own journeys.

Yarlinie and Kobini are two very talented upcoming Carnatic vocalists in their own right. Both learning South Asian classical music since the tender ages of eight and have since achieved major accomplishments, recognitions and awards within the sector. Yarlinie was recently awarded the ‘Sangeeth Ratna’ award and are both also members of the national ensemble Tarang. They are artists with a new vision to portray and through harmonies they showcase progression within Carnatic music.

Family ticket: Four tickets to include at least one adult and one child. (Ticket Office only)

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