Songs and Stories of the Great War (1914-1918)

Sage Two

A tribute to all those involved in the fighting, and those left at home. We Will Remember Them.

In this tribute, the journey starts when war is declared in 1914, with the enthusiasm and high humour of the soldiers, through the realities and unimaginable horrors of trench warfare, to the prospect of a better world to come, with the signing of the Armistice in 1918.

“ ‘…uplifting yet a very emotional experience‘…‘a brilliantly judged programme and excellent performances‘…‘This was a wonderful concert‘…very well-judged and performed and very thought-provoking‘…‘blown away by all the talent in the room’” (comments received following performance in Newcastle upon Tyne, March 2018)

In an evening of both laughter and tears, we will be honouring all those involved in this ‘War to end all Wars’, with well-known songs from the trenches, war stories from The Wipers Times and Punch magazine, and poems by such as Wilfred Owen, Cicely Fox Smith and Woodbine Willie. We will be including special songs of remembrance, both of the time and more recent.

Sung, played and spoken by members of Fenham Ensemble (director Simon Davies-Fidler), the Newcastle-based chamber choir, with special guests.

Produced and Devised by Rob Barnes

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