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Lara Pearson - South Indian Violin: Ornament in the Carnatic Style

Music Education Centre

Open to everyone from age 14 upwards.

Carnatic music is renowned for its heavy use of ornaments, referred to in South India as gamakas. These oscillations, fleeting leaps, and subtle touches give the ragas their individual character – conveying nuances of mood that could not otherwise be expressed.

This lecture-demonstration will present an introduction to Carnatic gamaka and raga, demonstrated by the ethnomusicologist and violinist Lara Pearson, alongside audio-visual presentation of her research on South Indian raga performance.

The left-hand technique required to produce the gamakas on the violin will be explored through video and 3D motion-capture footage, while the microtonal intervals typical of certain Carnatic ragas will also be discussed.

Presented in association with Gem Arts

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