Saint Etienne Plus Warm Digits

Sage One

Christmas is not Christmas without tinsel, music, dancing and special merchandise.

Experience them all at one of four Saint Etienne Christmas Specials this December!

Bob, Pete and Sarah will be joined onstage by the lovely Debsey and the lively Gerard Johnson with added instrumentation from Joe, Robin and Louisa who played with the band on the How We Used To Live shows.

Expect a set of Etienne classics (some not played for a long time), festive favourites and even a new song or two. Special guest support act and DJ to be announced.

Made up of vocalist Sarah Cracknell, Pete Wiggs and Bob Stanley, dance-pop band Saint Etienne formed in 1990.

Their debut album Foxbase Alpha, released in 1991, established them as a quintessentially English proposition, part Lyons Corner House, part acid house, and their love of techno, the Beach Boys and classic English pop marked them out as something charmingly unique. Given their love of pop it’s no surprise they would later work with Xenomania’s Brian Higgins on their 2005 album Tales From Turnpike House (an album also featuring vocal contributions from David Essex).

A group with a keen cultural sense and a classic suburban love of the ‘romance of London’, they recently contributed soundtracks for a couple of films documenting the landscape of London – Finisterre in 2002 (this was released as an album of the same name) and What Have You Done Today, Mervyn Day? a 2005 film which documents the state of the Lower Lea Valley in east London. | Facebook | Twitter

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