Stuart Maconie: Jarrow Road to the Deep South

Sage Two

Last autumn, acclaimed writer and broadcaster Stuart Maconie walked 300 miles from Jarrow to London retracing the famous Jarrow Crusade – a march in the autumn of 1936 by 200 men to protest mass unemployment and extreme poverty.

The Crusade was born in a society facing a growing problem of inequality, injustice and the rise of fascist tendencies. Eighty years on, Stuart’s journey through a divided, post-Brexit, complex country, echoes 1936 in many ways.

From choral evensong to curry house, from austerity to affluence, from Wearside to Westminster, Stuart’s brand new live show is a hugely entertaining, impassioned and enlightening reflection of his journey through Britain then and now.

As a writer and journalist Stuart has written for Q Magazine, Elle, The Times, The Guardian amongst others and was an assistant editor for NME.


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