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Away from the main stages you can relax and enjoy a specially curated film and talks programme and bonus gigs.

Saturday 21 July

Echo Made in the Shade
Echo Tescier, a hot rod builder in LA is one of a dying breed – a true free spirit dedicated to the art of building and driving fast hot rods.

It’s a Rockabilly World
Incorporating cars, clothing, hairstyles and tattoos that all venerate that mid-century decade, IT’S A ROCKABILLY WORLD details it’s humble beginnings to the global sensation it is today

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Flight of the Pompadours
A melancholy comedy about a lonely young man who visits a Rockabilly Club, Flight of the Pompadour is a charming tale of a teen’s search for acceptance and the perfect hair.

The Women Of Rockabilly, Welcome To The Club
Sure, Elvis was the King, but who was the Queen? The Women Of Rockabilly Welcome To The Club is a documentary search for the “Female Elvis”, as we meet the women of rockabilly music and explore the “what-ifs?” and “what-nows” of their careers. Brenda Lee, Wanda Jackson, Janis Martin and a sassy cast of lesser but no less colorful pretenders to the throne describe their trailblazing days when they were the embodiment of exuberance, sexuality and defiance in a world that wasn’t quite ready for them.

Live Music/chat

It Aint City Music
Was filmed at the National Country Music Contest at Lake Whippoorwill in Warrenton, Virginia, in 1972. The people interviewed in the film speak nostalgically about their rural origins, their folks, the Depression, and hard times, but now many have left the hills and farms and moved into suburbia, and into the city. Increasingly the themes of country music songs deal with the complications of life away from the farm.

Heart Worn Highways
Examining the outstanding singers and songwriters of the outlaw country movement, most of whom have chosen work outside the confines of the Nashville establishment, including SummerTyne headliner Steve Earle and Townes Van Zandt.

Sunday 22 July

Lonesome Willcox
Arizona is a country music town that isn’t what it used to be. The town has a single radio station, run by one employee who lives at the studio, and is seen as an outcast by many of the townspeople. This unlikely champion of country music has a troubled history with the music that he plays every day. But he’s keeping it alive for the old folks, and looking for redemption over the airwaves.

The Blues According to Lightning Hopkins
The great Texas bluesman Lightnin’ Hopkins is captured brilliantly in this deeply moving film. Director Blank reveals Lightnin’s inspiration, and features a generous helping of classic blues.

Jeff Lang Slide Guitar Masterclass
Jeff is considered one of the most innovative singer, songwriter and slide guitarists in Australia. Ahead of his performance alongside Amythyst Kiah, he presents a slide guitar masterclass. This is a demonstration/discussion and audience should come with questions not guitars! Open to all.

Ode to Bobbie Gentry
A rare screening of an episode from Bobbie Gentry’s landmark BBC series including performances of Ode to Billie Joe and Mississippi Delta and a guest appearance by The Hollies, followed by a talk and discussion on Bobbie Gentry’s musical career with Andrew Batt, producer and compiler of the recent Bobbie Gentry Live at the BBC LP.

2.25pm Rumble, The Indian’s Who Rocked the World
Filmmaker Catherine Bainbridge examines the role of Native Americans in contemporary music history. She exposes a critical missing chapter, revealing how indigenous musicians helped influence popular culture.

The Godmother of Rock and Roll – Sister RosettaTharpe
Sister Rosetta Tharpe is one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. Her flamboyance, skill, and showmanship on the newly electrified guitar played a vital role in the conception of Rock & Roll as a genre of music. The screening will be introduced by an artist who feels Rosetta’s influence keenly – Amethyst Kiah

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SummerTyne is back for 2018! Celebrating the finest American roots music this feel-good festival brings together some legendary artists, a whole bunch of rising stars and the best of the next generation for a weekend long party. Friday 20 – Sunday 22 July 2018 Line-up ▶️...

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