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Under their banner ‘Forward with Scotland’s Past’, Battlefield Band have been a bedrock of talent for over four decades, and continue to lead the way for Scotland with their inspired fusion of ancient and modern traditional music and song. At the inaugural Scots Trad Music Awards in 2003, Battlefield Band were awarded ‘Best Live Act’ and still at the forefront of the Scottish music scene after 40 years, the group are are winners in the Scots Trad Music Awards 2011: this time for ‘Scottish Folk Band of the Year’.

Scotland’s great flagship band are the musicians that others measure themselves against, and their new album ‘Line-up’ finds them fresh and invigorated, illustrating once again that they are among the most relevant contemporary composers and interpreters of Celtic music today.

Founded by a group of friends in 1969 and named after the ‘Battlefield’ area of Glasgow, the band have now been touring & performing throughout the world for over forty years, playing to sell-out audiences in Europe, Australia & New Zealand, Asia, the Middle East & Canada, as well as more than 60 cities annually in the United States.

Ever evolving; over the years new members have brought with them new ideas, music, instruments, attitudes and influences, leading to continued creativity, freshness and enthusiasm. The new line-up includes young multi-instrumentalist Ewen Henderson, and has been received with great acclaim on their US, Canadian & UK tours, as the group move on to a new, exciting period in their musical development.

Battlefield Band are Mike Katz, Alasdair White, Sean O’Donnell and Ewen Henderson.

Mike Katz (Highland Bagpipes, Small Pipes, Whistles, Bouzouki, Guitar and Bass)
A superb piper from an early age and a highly versatile all round musician with eclectic influences, Mike joined Battlefield Band in late 1997 and has contributed massively to the music and accessibility of the group. He played in the Scottish Gas Pipe Band & Ceolbeg before joining Battlefield Band, and has earned himself a deserved reputation on the scene & amongst his peers as a truly excellent ‘musician’s musician’ and tunesmith.

Alasdair White (Fiddle, Whistle, Bouzouki, Highland and Small Pipes)
An award-winning fiddler from an early age, he was described at the time as a 13 year-old maestro of the Highland fiddle playing surging strathspeys and reels with maturity and expertise beyond his tender years. He joined Battlefield Band at the age of 18, toured the world several times over and worked on many fine albums including a highly acclaimed debut solo CD, confirming his reputation and firmly establishing himself as a unique talent & virtuoso fiddle player.

Sean O’Donnell (Vocals and Guitar)
A highly accomplished guitarist and singer, Sean has played with the award-winning Scots Irish band Bionic and The Emily Smith Band, as well as the Michael McGoldrick Band, Deaf Shepherd, and Daimh. He joined Battlefield Band in 2005 and has become a keystone of the group’s sound: his soulful vocals and driving rhythmic guitar adding so much to the mix.

Ewen Henderson (Fiddle, Highland Bagpipes, Small Pipes, Vocals and Piano)
The latest recruit to the group, Ewen has mastered an impressive array of instruments, having had the privilege of being taught by many of the true masters of West Highland traditional music. Ewen is superbly talented, and has quickly established himself as a strong musical force within the band.

“They knit the Scottish tradition into a sound that still sounds fresh, alert and relevant and belies their veteran status. No tricks, no gimmicks, just very fine music” MOJO

“one of the great institutions of the Scottish music scene” The Guardian

“Scotland’s flagship folk band” Froots

Battlefield Band have recently wowed audiences on their Australian tour – read a review of their sell-out concert in Tasmania.

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