Silver Breves & The Cobweb Orchestra perform 'The Creation'

Sage One

Hannah Reynolds: Soprano
Nick Forbes: Baritone
Tenor: TBA
Glenn Davis: Conductor

Join us for an evening of uplifting music brought to you by our wonderful Silver Breves and The Cobweb Orchestra.

‘The Creation’ was Haydn’s second oratorio, composed after his two visits to England, where he had been overwhelmed by a performance of Handel’s Messiah in Westminster Abbey. Haydn wished to do something similar and succeeds brilliantly with a joyous work lasting just over one and a half hours.

After the wonderful, forward-looking orchestral depiction of Chaos before there was order, three Angels and the Chorus tell the story of the world’s creation in six days, ending (in Part Three) with the bliss of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Come to hear famous choruses like the Heavens are Telling and Awake the Harp, arias like Rolling in Foaming Billows and With Verdure Clad, and not the least, graphic descriptions of the first-ever animals – down to the lowly worm…

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