Making Tracks: Saz'iso - The Saze Project

Sage Two

The Saze hails from the stark landscapes of Southern Albania – a polyphonic music with the power to entrance any listener, even if they are strangers to the culture of this long-isolated country.

Urban instruments such as clarinet and violin took their inspiration from the iso-polyphonic singing of the villages where vocalists follow the ancient patterns of ‘lead’ and ‘cutting’ voices to improvise swirls around the melody, with moods ranging from aching, blues-like ‘kaba’ to joyful dances.

This hand-picked ensemble includes some of the finest contemporary performers of this mesmerizing style originating in the cradles of Saze around the beautiful towns of Korça and Përmet, opening a window into Albania’s fascinating musical traditions.

“mesmerising and deeply moving” Joe Boyd, producer
“music… that beautifully navigates the different and the familiar” Glitterbeat

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