The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra

Sage One

After an absence of two years Scotland’s National Fiddle Orchestra makes a welcome return to Sage Gateshead.

Conductor Blair Parham brings to Gateshead a fresh programme of all that is best in Scottish music, played with the verve and enthusiasm which puts The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra in a class of its own.

All your old friends will be there – pipers, dancers and singers, along with the unmissable playing of principal soloist Yla Steven.

This visit brings with it a compère making his first SFO visit to Sage Gateshead – Robert Lovie. Rising fast in the ranks of Scottish entertainment Robert brings a deft touch to the proceedings with his chirpy sense of humour and a great skill in reciting humorous verse. He has already established himself as a firm favourite with SFO audiences.

All in all the evening is awash with humour, talent and great music, or in other words a typical Scottish Fiddle Orchestra performance and one definitely for the connoisseur. | Facebook | Twitter

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