Tom Paxton & Janis Ian (with Robin Bullock) - 'Together at Last'

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Two of America’s greatest songwriters visit the UK together in March 2014.

Each with ties to the classic Greenwich Village folk scene, Tom Paxton and Janis Ian are nearly a generation apart yet share a slew of folk influences as well as an affinity for fearlessly tackling controversial issues.

Always armed only with his acoustic guitar, Paxton emerged in the days of hootenannies and wrote his share of what were then called protest songs. But he also wrote songs about love, humour and for kids. Many became oft-covered standards, including ‘Bottle of Wine’, ‘Ramblin’ Boy’ and ‘The Last Thing on My Mind’.

At 15, Ian had a major pop hit with the then-provocative ‘Society’s Child’, a taboo-busting meditation about an interracial romance. She re-emerged a decade later in the mid-‘70s with her biggest hit the reflective ‘At Seventeen’, which won a GRAMMY. She remains an unflinching topical commentator.

Performing together on stage in the UK for the very first time, ‘Together At Last’ will present Tom Paxton & Janis Ian singing all their best known songs plus a whole host more.

“It’s going to be very different from what people might expect.” says Tom.
“It’s not your generic split bill. We take the stage together and we stay onstage together most of the time, singing on one another’s songs.”

Tom Paxton and Janis Ian will also be accompanied by internationally renowned multi-instrumentalist, Robin Bullock.

National treasures both, Tom Paxton and Janis Ian prove that old radicals never die, they simply continue to burn brightly. | Facebook | | Facebook | Twitter

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