Väsen plus support from Ian Stephenson

Sage Two

Väsen are an unstoppable force in Swedish traditional and contemporary music. The trio o f Olov Johansson, Mikael Marin, and Roger Tallroth are all acclaimed composers and performers and have produced 17 albums over their prolific career, with their distinctive tunes finding their way into the repertoire of contemporary artists like Punch Brothers and Snarky Puppy.

“Quite simply one of the finest musical ensembles playing today” Mary Ann Kennedy, BBC Radio 3

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Ian Stephenson is a multi-instrumentalist known for his work with KAN, Baltic Crossing and 422. Moving on from his 2012 solo album, he will be showcasing some groundbreaking new material, including live looping and improvised pieces on guitar and melodeon.

NK Forster Model C-SKadv from Ian Stephenson on Vimeo.


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