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Case Study: Hip Hop Summer School

Advisor: Paul Martin
Group: Hip Hop Summer School

Over 4 days in August 2016, young people from Whitley Bay got the chance to work with hip hop artists, doing workshops in Deejaying, Graffiti, Break dancing and Rapping. They also learned about the history of hip hop and using these new found skills they worked on their Discover Level Arts Award.

“Wow what a week, I learned so much about hip hop and loved it.”

Every day they engaged in a different art form, with morning sessions practicing/ learning new skills, then afternoon sessions were spent working together on their Arts Award and sharing the new things they learned.

“I really enjoyed the graffiti and rapping.”

With a varied range of activities and outcomes, be it the satisfaction of learning a new move, making a graffiti piece together, rapping in front of your peers or mastering a scratch on the decks, the evidence needed for the Arts Award was very easily gathered and compiled.

“Doing the Arts Award was fun, because I could share what I learned.”

Furthermore the performance element of hip hop, made it interesting when it came to the young people sharing/presenting evidence. Some rapped when they shared, others used graffiti art styles to share the work.

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