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Planning the Primary School Music Curriculum

For the Music Coordinator 4 Week Course

This course will help you to plan the curriculum, explore issues of assessment and develop practical music-making skills.

This four week course will begin to explore some of the theoretical principles currently used within music education and their practical application. Each 2 hour session will include practical ideas for the classroom, and how to plan for quality and progression.

Week 1 March 26th Why we should have a music curriculum? Purpose and aims and practical starting points. Discussion: about purpose and aims Practical approaches to Key stage 1. Songs and games: developing musicality from the start.
Week 2 April 16th What should be in our Music Curriculum? How can we empower children to realise their musical potential Planning for progression and equality of access Practical approaches to teaching musically at Key stage 2 , building from the previous work on Key Stage 1
Week 3 April 23rd How should we deliver the Music Curriculum? Exploring music pedagogies and approaches to assessment. An introduction to the main pedagogical influences. Z. Kodaly, C. Orff, E. Jacques-Dalcroze and J.Paynter Practical ideas underpinned by theory. Exploring methods of assessment.
Week 4 April 30th Schemes of work and lesson planning: Supporting resources and ways to empower staff to be creative in their approaches to music learning. Putting together our plans and Connecting music to the whole curriculum Practical Lesson planning and how to support the class teacher.

Date: March 26th, April 16th, 23rd, 30th 2013
Time: 4.30pm – 6.30pm
Location: C2, Music Education Centre, Sage Gateshead
Price: £120

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