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A visit from Shotton Hall Youth Leadership Project

Posted on 26 September 2013

Background to the Shotton Hall Youth Leadership Project

A group of eight school pupils from Shotton Hall Academy in Peterlee are spending their Friday mornings at Sage Gateshead this half term. They are working with experienced community musicians Jim Montague and Wendy Doyle on activities which develop their confidence. IN their first session, the year 7 pupils have been interviewing staff members and finding out what it’s like to learn and work at Sage Gateshead.

The whole experience will culminate in a Celebration Event designed and led by the young people which will showcase their learning journey and demonstrate their new skills.

Session 1 – by Katie and Magan

When we went to Sage Gateshead we got to meet Wendy and Jim. We did some games to get to know each other and then we went round meeting new people and asked them some questions about what they do at their job. We asked them why they chose the job and what they liked about their job. Then we went out of the building and went off to a music bit and asked them what they do.

Session 1 – by Youth Leadership Strand Leader Wendy Doyle

It was great to see the young people meeting staff members and asking questions. We took them on a tour of the building with the idea that we would introduce them to the places where they would be asking questions the following week. But instead, as they met staff members they naturally fell into conversations with them. Back in our group we worked on our interview technique, including our choice of sentence openers: who, what, why when, where and how. They look a little nervous at the thought of interviewing staff ‘properly’ next week, but they’re going to do great!

Find out more in next week’s post!