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Community Music Spark Blog: 10th November 2017

Posted on 10 November 2017

Brian – I really enjoyed Arts award this morning with Paul and the afternoon doing musical future and the Metro song; I enjoyed playing drums.

Anissa – Sarah led a rhythm game, we had to copy her body beat. Welcome Matt, he’s back.

Anna – It was nice to see Matt again and hear Dean play Rocky in electric form. Welcome Matt, good to see you again, keep it up.

Marc – This morning I helped Toby with his Arts award.

Mathew – This morning we did our 60s song. I had a red velvet cake at lunch. I’m surprised to see Jimmy Nail before 1.00pm. After that we were all happy to have Matt back and we did musical future and the metro song for Matt.

Andrew – I only stayed for half of this morning session due to The Lawnmowers CHAT project. This morning read out the session plan and then discussed what the picturews of people from the 60s are about. Missed the afternoon session due to the Chat project with Lawnmowers. Dr. Spin is in the building! Over and out!

Callum D – Good afternoon, Music spark fans. Sorry I was late this morning because I was in a meet and greet for P choice, but came back to the sessiondid some Arts Award. Welcome back Matt, hope to be back next week. This is Callum D, over and out.