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Community Music Spark Blog: 13th October 2017

Posted on 13 October 2017

Andrew: I have enjoyed helping Mathew and Callum with their arts award.

Mathew: I have really enjoyed this morning. It was great having Brian back with us today.

Callum: Goooood Afternoooon Music Spark fans. Day 2 for me with the music spark group. Enjoyed recording in an Ideal world, also welcome back Brian. [I] enjoyed everything throughout the day.

Anna: I have enjoyed everything, especially writing about Robert England [For arts award]. I enjoyed finishing our song [In an ideal world – [Protest song for upcoming project]

Anissa: I did arts award with Paul. Brian is a really good drummer. We have done our song.

Marc: Ok guys, I’m in the building. This morning I supported Toby with his arts award. This afternoon we recorded our song.

Brian: I enjoyed doing our song and this afternoon I enjoyed doing the Metro song.[I am] looking forward to next week.

Graeme: I got pulled in by Juliette in the silver singing group, but they are really good. Well done to everyone who recorded “In the ideal world”.