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Community Music Spark Blog: 16th June 2017

Posted on 16 June 2017

Kim: I came in late today because of a maths exam. I had a very good day because it was warm and everyone seemed very enthusiastic. Especially Andrew because of what he has planned. Good job to everyone today. Only 2 weeks to go!

Matthew : I’ve really enjoyed this morning Paul. I’ve also enjoyed the changing seasons song this morning, that we did with Becky owen. I also enjoyed having a burger at lunch time. I really enjoy practicing my arnie voice for the music spark show this afternoon. I also enjoy the zombie song that Kim did this afternoon.

Callum : gooooooooooooooooooooooood afternoon community music spark !!!! We have been learning our four songs for the community music spark show. It’s getting on pretty well. We did bits and pieces with Paul and we are trying to sort out who’s going to do what at the music spark show. I can’t wait for next weeks session. This dunnett over and out.

Brian : I really enjoyed this morning. I enjoyed singing the song about the metro and the changing seasons song. I enjoyed the whole day. At lunch we videoed the metro.
I liked playing the drums in the song zombies.

Anissa: I did my work experience this morning. I polished the cutlery. I emptied one tray and got to my second one. Then I joined in with music spark after lunch. I enjoyed doing the zombie song.

Andrew: this morning I was helping the trainee Megan catch up on her arts award.ive enjoyed listening to Marc on BBC radio 4, the way he discussed about his independent travels. Whilst developing the ideas for the music spark show. I got a good shock and surprise. If you all want to know about what that surprise is then come along to the music spark show !!!!!

Marc: hello !! If you didn’t catch me I was on radio 4 with listening project. This Morning I was working with Percy Hedley school as part of my support musician role.