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Community Music Spark Blog: 23rd June 2017

Posted on 23 June 2017

Andrew – I’ve enjoyed myself in today’s session. The compare scripts and the songs that we rehearsed are going swimmingly smooth. When the music spark show comes next week it should be a breeze and I’m looking forward to it. Come on down!

Marc – I enjoyed practising the songs in hall 2 this afternoon. Everybody seems to have them down to a tee. When it comes to the show next week we shouldn’t have any problems singing because we all know them. I think the scripts are absolutely funny and hilarious and the audience are gonna be in stitches when they watch!

Graeme – one week to go until we get our handbags and glad rags on! We’re all gonna have a “nice day”. We al performed really well in sage two today and it’s gonna be an absolute blast next Friday night!

Matthew – I’ve really enjoyed this ending when I practised my script lines in sage two. I loved my cheese scone after my burger. It was good that we practised two of the songs for the show. It was really good to have Anna back.

Callum – GOOOOD AFTERNOON COMMUNITY MUSIC SPARK FANS!!! It’s only a week til the community music spark show! Practising for the show is going pretty well, both singing and doing the script. Next Friday is gonna take us all around the world. This is Callum Dunnett, over and out!

Brian (knacker Ned) – I really enjoyed this morning and the songs this afternoon. The metro is my favourite. I went and looked at the metro at dinner. Have a lovely weekend!