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Community Music Spark Blog: 26th January 2018

Posted on 26 January 2018

We had some new trainees coming to join us over the last two weeks. I feel proud to have them join us and they settled in to become new trainees with Community Music Spark.

Last Friday we showed them around Sage Gateshead by giving them a building tour, in Treasure Hunt style, where at certain locations around Sage Gateshead, new clues were given out. Everybody really enjoyed it. After the building tour, we had the Music Spark Quiz in C5 hosted by Mel and we split into two teams in the style of Family Fortunes.

The CMS session we had from two weeks ago, myself, Marc and Graeme were with Dean in one of the MEC rooms (C10) showing our new trainees the exercises and games we do in the workshops and how to deliver and lead them. It has been ages since I last lead an exercise or a game so I lead the games of Bibbedy Bop, Anyone Who and the song I Like The Flowers. While this was going on the other CMS members left with Paul are in the other room (C5) doing their rehearsal and performing their presentation for their KeyFund project. The KeyFund presentation went really well.

Other activities include the name game with the djembes and the marimba and the 60s song writing. They were new to me and I enjoyed doing them!